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Roman Furniture from Herculaneum

Greek and Roman Carved MouldingsCarved moldings of the style known has Early American Colonial Furniture Various Mouldings Various Mouldings Palmate Bands Torus Mouldings The Interlace and Guiloche Modillions Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Capitals ; Roman Arch and Rosette Greek Frets

The Roman curule chair is a very important component of Roman furniture because of its use, size, and ability to fold. Space was very limited back then so furniture was often designed to be portable and even be able to hang on the walls. This stool allowed seating for high class, wealthy citizens. The curule stool mimics other furniture from other time periods mentioned above through its curved design features, and its ability to save space.

Ancient Roman Furniture | Ancient Roman Throne Chair Hand-Carved

Closeup of Roman dining couch (lectus) made of wood with bronze adornments 1st century BCE

various occupations during the Roman Empire

Roman bed recovered in Pompeii.

Beds through the ages

(Chapter 5): A Lectus Adversus is a Roman style bed usually found in the atrium of a home with steps next to it. Another name for this type of bed was the "bridal bed".