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India faces uphill battle on biodiversity : Nature News & Comment
The central government has asked scientists in northeast India to map and document the biodiversity in Assam's famous Kaziranga National Park.
Governor calls for conserving orchid species found in Manipur
Longwa, Myanmar, Konyak Naga tribe.  Change creeps in Sheltered from the reaches of modern civilization, Longwa is a picturesque collection of thatch-roofed wooden houses. But the occasional tin roofs and concrete constructions are tell-tale signs that change is creeping into this rustic corner. What remains of this inevitable marriage between past and present is yet to be seen. (Neelima Vallangi)
Why India Is the Most Sustainable Country
“We appreciate need for surveillance but not at the cost of survival of an entire species”: Scientist - The Times of India
Base camping in Himalayas .The most peaceful vacation one could have this weekend !!! #peace #himalayas the himalayan village resort
India doesn't have any emissions standards for some deadly pollutants released by power plants.
Chittoor's Horsley Hills touch the clouds - Times Of India