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Ystrad Einon Copper mine worked a NE-SW lode which is unusual in mid-Wales and is largely restricted to the Dovey estuary. Development of the mine below adit level did not start until the late 19th century with the sinking of a winze to the 12 fathom level in 1871. A 16 diameter underground waterwheel was installed for pumping and lifting; this allowed the mine to be deepened by another 12 fathoms.

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Concept Art Writing Prompt: A submarine decays in the middle of the desert

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Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS

Kadykchan, Russia Kadykchan, Russia, was a coal-mining town. It suffered an economic disaster. After the collapse of the USSR, there were no funds to support small towns.In fact, Kadykchan was completely cut off ― communications were disconnected and running water was discontinued. The residents had to pick up and move.(image credits:English Russia,English Russia)