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put together with bits and pieces, crystals and small crystal bits

Cheap watering can, added crystal to spout, painted the name of the house with gold, after drying, glued pearls on top. Im going to put silk flowers in and keep it out of the weather.

Started with a plain frame, wrapped gossamer thread around legs, wing frames and decorated with gems, an old earring, filling in any gaps with glitter. Made gossamer wings, with the thread, using clear varnish on underside.

Weather vane witch, cut out of sheet metal. Dont make it hard by trying to cut on edge, a little background makes it stable. Painted with hobby enamels. Background effect created by a double coat, let undercoat dry, then, in sections, trying to keep a wet edge, add top coat, take a tooth pick ( soft so wont scratch under coat) and make swirly patterns. Youll need to practise until you get it right. On other side i painted our names.