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this is the most handy diaper clutch ever! I have one for Abram - my 2 year old - so now I dont have to carry the house - I can carry a couple of pull ups and wipes.

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Great for when my Grandchildren visit. I'll make each one a bag with activities and things I want to do with them. They can "cash them in" anytime, while here for their visit. Things like "swing with Grandma", Ride bikes with Grandma", Pet the goats, etc.

Brilliant!!!!! Diaper strap - keeps diaper and wipes together in the big purse! I think I'll make this with velcro instead so it can fit 1 or 2 diapers.

ONESIE EXTENDERS. Add a size to your bodysuits. Also great for cloth diaper wearers

ONESIE EXTENDERS Add a size to your bodysuits $10.95 or $12 on ebay for 5... these give my son's onesies atleast another 2-3 months of wear!!