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While her mother would NEVER abuse her in any way, there was an incident in Regina's childhood from outside forces, which almost nobody knows anything about. Regina has worked hard to resist the urges to turn to the usual behaviors typical of a victim, but she can't avoid it altogether. Her strongest symptoms include but aren't limited to her weak self esteem, fear and anxieties, body image issues and PTSD.

Long Term Effects of Childhood Abuse [Source: Childhood Trauma, Negative Core Beliefs, Perfectionism And Self-Injury | Healing the Hurt within | Wellbeing | How To | Read Free Online Books at How To]

Book: Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse Workbook. Go here

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse Affects the Rest of Your Life....


Child Sexual Abuse: 6 Stages of Grooming

Learn the stages a sex offender takes to "groom" children ... Educate yourself do you can educate your children!

I talk about surviving childhood sexual abuse because I didn't want to be ashamed anymore. Children don't sexually abuse themselves. #BrokenPlaces on Amazon

Those were the days when the glow of the air itself tarnished as the kingdom of Shoulds started taking a toll on my soul. {jy}