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This photo jumped out at me from my FB feed. The colours alone had me. I'm a huge fan of the naturally occurring blue hues, especially in insects and fungi. These little, blue mushrooms are awesome. - Photo courtesy of Gardening

Purple mushrooms

It& amazing what mushrooms can do! Mushroom-guru Paul Stamets answers our many questions about those fabulous fungi, including how different types of mushrooms can help us get the nutrients we need, develop powerful new medicines and clean up toxic waste.

white fungi - photo by machel spence

Mushroom Photograph Mushroom Print by machelspencePHOTO


Glowing lavender mushrooms, watch for the fairies reading nighttime stories to the woodland creatures. These mushrooms look almost alien straight from a sci-fi movie.

Out of the fire and into the sun! This bright yellow Amanita Crocea mushroom looks almost too gaudy to be natural, and definitely isn't something you'd miss if you saw it on the forest floor. The distinctive color also gives this mushroom its alternative name: the Saffron Ringless Amanita.

Out of the fire, into the sun! This is an Amanita Crocea mushroom and doesn't look real, but it is. It's alternative name: the Saffron Ringless Amanita!

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2-4 Canal tree fungus 6 PScrop gray 2_filtered rz.jpg (200939 bytes)