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You can achieve anything #inspiration #quote #catherinedeane

You can achieve anything

Words from Zoe <3

Working hard as hell towards this goal. I feel like you have to work through some "have to's" to get to the "want to's".

Believe... #inspiration #catherinedeane

Believe... #inspiration #catherinedeane

Life Quote: The only thing that makes life unfair..  My quote:  "Life is unfair . . . for everyone . . . so life is fair!"  Carol Neville

The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that life should be fair. Or => "Life is unfair most of the time for everyone. So make life fair by making a Decision that you are going to ignore the inequality of life. instead of Delusion.

Be You ~ if you're weird, then be weird! And DON'T be ashamed or embarrassed about it! (Besides everybody's weird in some way.)

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