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Illegals File Suit Against DHS To Stop Deportations - Tea Party News

Compared 2 BURQA onslaught to follow-they're ok!/ illegals FILE SUIT AGAINST DHS to Stop Deportations? Since they're NOT citizens?! 11-13-14 (Newsmax)- A group of illegal immigrants filed Lawsuit against Dept. of Homeland Security demanding halted deportations until President Barack Obama clarifies his amnesty plans --The Washington Post reported./ The National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Advocacy group behind the Lawsuit, WANTS deportations FROZEN &the Deferred Action for Childhood…

Barack Hussein Obama has kept his 2008 promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America", and it is worse that you could imagine. Here are 13 proofs that he has built a state-within-a-state, and that the America you think you know doesn't exist anymore. #AmericanPoliceState #GovernmentOfWolves

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THEY'VE STARTED A FIRE! THIS is what he said in And HE does it five years later anyway! - Ba da ding ding democrats!!