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Dark Brown Smooth Work Boot

Look what I found on #zulily! pitter patter Dark Brown Smooth Work Boot by pitter patter #zulilyfinds

Is Your Rapunzel Doll … TANGLED? How to Detangle Doll Hair

Detangle doll hair - drunk ~30sec in super hot water. If that doesn't work, use 50/50 fabric softener & hot water. Brush out with a wig brush (metal tines, no knobs on the end.)

5 Frosty Homemade Summer Treats for Dogs

Author is right... probably too much work. But I think the pups would like each layer individually as a special treat. (And NO rawhides, thank you!)

Marker Madness: How to Remove Permanent Marker From Any Surface

Marker Madness: How to Remove Permanent Marker From Any Surface I know this will come in handy.

virgilfinlay: “ Original painting for Weird Tales, April 1938 Not quite as smooth as his later work, but the composition is already there. Makes you wonder how much guidance he got from his editors. Did they send him a story synopsis, or just tell...

Amazing Kitchens

This kitchen, designer Amy Finley's own, is all about commonsense. The kitchen is the gathering place for her five children and for weekly dinners with extended family. Things stay hot in this minimalist kit… more

PB Pill Pockets

PillPockets5_01.JPGIngredients: 2 tablespoons brown rice flour* 1 tablespoon milk** 1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter