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Three urchins....fine art sea shells photograph by Lauren Dinneweth

J'Adore Les Fleurs, Bouquet, Roses, Elegant Flowers, Hatbox, Flower

Copper Blue Micro Urchin Bowl - Sea Urchin Anemone Coral Bowl Beach Decor Modern Texture Ceramic

By preying on kelp-grazing sea urchins, otters allow underwater kelp forests to do more of what forests do everywhere: suck up heat-trapping carbon dioxide via photosynthesis. This photo shows an aquarium-raised sea otter named Milo doing his part to tackle climate change. Milo was getting ready to snack on red sea urchin, which are common along the Pacific Coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico. Caring for sea otters offers climate bonus | NOAA

best character in les miserables...this kid did AMAZING

(Royal Parks)Harkness 2004 : @ svetlik17970

Sea Stars, Odontaster validus …