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I am aware of the fact that many people don’t like if someone compares the Holocaust to what people do to billions of animals each year. Yet, there have been excellent books written (such as Charles...

from One Green Planet

How to Scan Beauty Product Labels for Animal-Derived Ingredients

Calling all compassionate beauty junkies! Have y’all switched out your makeup brushes for vegan and cruelty-free ones yet? If not, I’m here to help! 5 Reasons Vegan Makeup Brushes ROCK No animals are harmed (squirrels, minks, sables, and goats send you mad love). Synthetic brushes can be ridiculously soft. They don’t harbor bacteria (like animal brushes do). They’re easier … Read More →

Fuck free range fuck animal cruelty you wana be cruel get lost..... Find a desert island to fuckoff with your destructive thoughts an actions to spend the last 3 or so days of your life going mad from all the poor choices you have made and karma burning you alive sincerely ty... Or your conscious witch ever comes first

Even if you're not vegan please use cruelty free cosmetics! There are so many good brands that don't test on animals and the only reason a company would do this would be to cut corners.