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I am aware of the fact that many people don’t like if someone compares the Holocaust to what people do to billions of animals each year.

These Rats In Africa Are Saving Tons Of Lives

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Random Pictures Of The Day – 60 Pics

So sad.but I am heartened by the fact that this man realized the cruelty and vowed to no longer be part of it.<<<<Bull fights are so evil.

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Is rape a personal choice? Is murder a personal choice? When your choice effects others it is not personal.

With this rapidly exploding industry, there is no reason to continue abusing and killing billions of chickens every year. There are many issues with getting our meat from animals; none more apparent and horrific than the suffering of the animals being raised for food. Go #vegan

Eating Chickens Is a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

This piece was co-authored by Jay Shooster from NYU School of Law. In a recent report by the World Health Organization, processed meat comes across as the new villain of public health.

For two decades May Kay Cosmetics was cruelty-free. The bad news: the globally-recognized company has recently resumed its animal testing due to governmental regulations in China. However, the company is still promoting itself as cruelty-free. Tell Mary Kay that animal testing is unacceptabl and so is deliberately misleading consumers. Sign the petition urging Mary Kay to re-adopt its cruelty-free policy.  http://forcechange.com/61540/urge-mary-kay-cosmetics-to-resume-ban-on-animal-testing/

Animal testing and vivisection. Yes this article includes DOGS, primates, rabbits and many others. Uneccessary and unacceptable.

poor poor dear beautiful birds

we continue to show the harsh realities of animal agriculture because we have hope; change their fate, go

Vous ressentez une certaine rigidité dans vos articulations ? Elles vous font souffrir et vous ne savez que faire ?

Un régime alimentaire pour apaiser les douleurs articulaires

The Sour Facts About Milk: What Every Parent Needs To Know. This article explains the true facts of milk and other dairy products. Unfortunately the dairy industry would like us to believe otherwise.