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Astronaut Says Intelligent Alien Life Does Exist | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b>

PICTURED: Does this picture prove aliens in a UFO watched the Moon landings?

Mars One selects 1 'alien' and 99 human finalists to die on Mars

Over 200,000 people applied for the chance to visit the red planet and never come back. Now Mars One has whittled the applicant pool down to just 100.

The Braz-alien rainforest: Is this creature pictured in the Amazon jungle a visitor from outer-space?

Video still: 21 October 2011. 'The Braz-alien rainforest: Is this creature pictured in the Amazon jungle a visitor from outer-space?' "As biologically diverse as the Amazon is, this peculiar creature would not appear to be a natural inhabitant of the Brazilian jungle or, indeed, Earth for that matter. Standing just a few feet from a mesmerising flashing light, this unidentified being could offer proof that we are not alone in the universe..."

Did NASA block view of "UFO" with sticky back plastic - Blue Peter style?

Footage from Apollo mission shows astronauts using duct tape to block view of strange object

WATCH: Are Humans Dangerous? Aliens Think So

Why Humans Are So Dangerous, According To A Hypothetical Extraterrestrial Species (VIDEO)...Those damn human! LOL!

Eddie Miles, a pilot from San Antonio, says he never actually saw the strange object until he later looked at photos his passenger took during their descent into Port Aransas on Sunday, March 17, 2013. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

'Former Nasa employee' claims she saw suited men on Mars in 1979

Nasa releases visual history of the Apollo program

Walking on the moon: The image of Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin standing on the lunar surface has become one of the world's most iconic images