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from The Flavor Bender

Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (Basic Spherification)

Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar - Learn how to make this delicious and impressive cocktail for your guests using Molecular Gastronomy! PLUS an alternative cocktail to get the same visual effect WITHOUT Molecular Gastronomy!

Apple Juice Caviar created through the magic of molecular gastronomy. Had a culinary speaker do this w/ mt. dew - food science class

from Mid-Life Croissant

The Brazilian Heiress : A Cachaça Cocktail

Indulge your guests (or your date or yourSELF) with this lavish cachaça cocktail layered with elderflower liqueur and grapefruit juice.

from Giraffes Can Bake

Cherry Long Island Iced Tea

Very Cherry Long Island Iced Tea - The classic, top shelf cocktail with a new cherry twist! This delicious favourite is quick and easy to make, with fresh cherries, perfect for entertaining this summer

from Lifehacker

Molecular Gastronomy: How to Use the Love Child of Cooking and Science

Molecular Gastronomy is the love child of cooking and science. Using its principles, you can produce chemical reactions with edible ingredients and create some pretty amazing results. Here's how it works and a few ideas to put it into practice.