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Repulse firing 15-in guns during fleet maneuvers off Portland England United Kingdom 1920s. Photo taken from HMS Hood Renown is next in the line.

15 in battlecruiser HMS Repulse pictured between the wars in the Far East, a classic 'Empire' shot: she was to succumb to Japanese air attack there on 10 December 1941.

15 in battlecruiser HMS Renown, with battleship USS Texas astern, pictured off Iceland in April 1942. Renown was much more significantly modernised than her sister Repulse before WW2; most notably being given an entirely new bridge structure - compare with Repulse photos elsewhere. Unlike her sister, Renown survived the war.

15 in battlecruisers HMS Hood and HMS Repulse pictured pre-war: both were to be sunk in 1941, leaving Repulse's sister Renown (which had been significantly modernised in the 1930s, unlike these two) as the sole remaining battlecruiser in the Royal Navy. 'The largest destroyer in the fleet' gave excellent WW2 service.