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2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days? Inversion Method, Hairdrenalin Potion And Bamboo Leaf Tea

A look at the hair growth in 5 days caused by combining the inversion method with hairdrenalin hair potion and bamboo leaf tea.

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Gardening Through the Seasons: Preparing Your Winter Garden

This will be great to do with the residents of Southern Plains. Activities, especially ones that remind them of the past, help people with Alzheimer's keep functions longer.

This was last weeks harvest from the verticle gardens. All of this is still last years growth. I built a green house around my gardens. Carrots, mesclun mix, strawberries, spring onions, cilantro, parsley.. lol thank you lord for all of this!

Chive companion planting. "Adding chive to your garden where you grow parsley, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, kohlrabi, mustard, peppers, potatoes, rhubarb, roses, squash, strawberries or tomatoes will help those plants. Companion planting chive with carrots will improve both the growth and flavor of your carrots. Grapes benefit from chive’s ability to repel aphids."

HARVESTING PARSLEY Recommended tool: Kitchen shears Regular harvesting: As with garlic chives, select bunches to cut from the periphery—never the interior—of the plant. Cutting the stalks near the base will encourage new, bushy growth. End of season: Parsley is an annual a biennial, meaning its lifecycle is two years. (Thanks, Mary!) Harvest in bulk at the end of the season and freeze for winter use.

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My Second Grade Scrapbook

Writing prompts for each month! See students' growth throughout the year! Wonderful keepsake!