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Time to Rethink American Exceptionalism? "This kind of exceptionalism - the kind that makes people believe that because they're German, American, or Chinese that they're better than everyone else - leads to bad behavior and even fascism, as we saw in the years leading up to the Second World War."

Dead U.S. Soldier in Mogadishu by cliff1066™, via Flickr - I want every American to see this photo! These are the people we were sent in to help. This is how they show their appreciation....Where is our blind media and politicians????

Sebelius Jaw-Dropping Lie On Health Insurance: ‘People Have Choices For The First Time Ever’ – Says She Told Obama Last Month She Was Leaving « Pat Dollard

Members of the U.S. military at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq’s Anbar province, Dec. 28, 2014. (Ayman Oghanna/The New York Times).

The decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals allowing lawsuits against people like former Attorney General John Ashcroft is a step in the right direction.

Obama declared a perpetual war against anyone he wants anywhere in the world, an action that violates the UN Charter.

Look What the Government Has Done Now: Are YOU On the NO-FLY List? ------------------------------------------------- Since taking office, Obama has boosted the number of people on the no fly list more than ten-fold, to an all-time high of 47,000—surpassing the number of people barred from flying under George W. Bush.“If everything is terrorism, then nothing is terrorism,” says David Gomez, a former senior FBI special agent.

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"When 32 people can outspend 3.7 million citizens, our democracy is in real danger." --Mass Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) on why we must overturn Citizens United