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Pasó el tiempo los fines de semana con mi familia y juego con mis amigos.

Friends - tv show poster / print (infographic - quotes, logos & pictograms)

friends tv show | Tumblr. It's even signed!!!! Want

David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry - Friends

reddit writing prompt (this links to short stories, please be advised that some may contain bad language)

I already have a story for this, though the kid is a girl and the imaginary friend is trying to pursue a romantic relationship (despite the feelings being one-sided/the fact that's impossible.) <<that sounds so sweet!

Because making it through your 20s isn't always an easy feat, here are some good reads to help you out along the way.

If you're on the verge of a quarter-life crisis, I've selected a collection of books with poignant advice, hilarious personal experiences, and worst-case scenarios to help you get over the my-life-is-hopeless hump — or at least laugh about it!

They would be great friends ♥ AU Jack Skellington (c) Me Jack Skellington (c) Tim Burton La Muerte from "The Book of Life"

They would be great friends ♥ AU Jack Skellington (c) Me Jack Skellington (c) Tim Burton La Muerte from "The Book of Life" Fear and Death

Leonard Ravenhill (1907 – November 27, 1994) was an English Christian evangelist and author who focused on the subjects of prayer and revival. He is best known for challenging western evangelicalism (through his books and sermons) to compare itself to the early Christian Church as chronicled in the Book of Acts. His most notable book is Why Revival Tarries which has sold over a million copies worldwide. He was a close friend of pastor and writer A.W. Tozer.

Yes! You can move as far as you can, you can fake it on social media, fake it in your marriage, your church, live your life full of lies and deception. But YOU will never fool God.

Manolo Sanchez from the Book of Life - 2014 Halloween Costume Contest via @costume_works

The Book of Life Manolo Sanchez Costume

Haha basically my whole entire life XD

It's a musical…a musical. And nothing's more amazing than a musical. And sweet romance. And happy endings happening by happen-stance.