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Six Days of Love and Curiosity

Deborah's 2/14/2011 blog "Six Days of Love and Curiosity." As promised, below you will find the posts from the brief and tumultuous six-day lifespan of my beloved sister blog site, "Love and Curiosity—Gems for the Journey". Many thanks to the loyal fans who followed my musings there. While Gemmy has returned to the creative ether from whence she came, rest assured you will find lots of future Gems here...Click the pic for more.

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Ten Ways to Love Fearlessly

Deborah's 2/19/16 blog, "Ten Ways to Love Fearlessly." Let’s face it, love can be messy and confusing. With its magnified highs and lows, love can be unpredictable and often not we expected—so much so that we might be tempted to cower in fear. But if we approach love with respect, curiosity, compassion and gratitude, relationships will thrive. Here are ten concrete tips to pave your way:Be yourself. If we want to be loved for who we truly are, why put on an act...TO READ MORE, CLICK THE…

Deborah's 11/20/15 blog, "Who's Minding the Store?" When I returned home, I immediately recognized my old dysfunctional coping mechanism and tried to process it with non-judgmental respect, curiosity and compassion rather than self-loathing and shame. Unfortunately, when the original frustration and sadness persisted, I added insult to injury by gorging on popcorn and animal crackers while watching TV in a state of utter exhaustion based the pic for more.

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The Benefits of Loving Yourself Just as You Are

Deborah's 2/12/16 blog, "The Benefits of Loving Yourself Just as You Are." Mary thinks she’d be happy if she could just change her weight, her looks and her job. Sean believes that he’s an okay person except for certain personality traits, such as anxiety, impatience and his quick temper. Yolanda’s shelves are bulging with self-improvement books; she’s read them all but she still hates herself. Who among us doesn’t believe that with a little tweaking...TO READ MORE, CLICK THE PIC

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The Freedom Found in Forgiving Yourself

Deborah's 2/26/16 blog, "The Freedom Found in Forgiving Yourself." A friend forgives another friend for gossiping about her. A husband forgives a wife for lying to him about her intimate relationship with another man. A mother forgives the man who murdered her daughter. The human capacity to forgive even the deepest wrongs is awe-inspiring. For many people, forgiving others provides liberation from anger and grievance that leads to a richer and happier life...TO READ MORE, CLICK THE PIC

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Attitude is Everything

Deborah's 11/14/14 blog, "Attitude is Everything." Have you ever known someone who seemed to be born with all the advantages—money, status, intelligence, opportunity—but floundered and ricocheted through life in a constant state of frustration, lack and misery? Have you ever known someone who appeared to be born with a ton of limitations—poverty, abandonment, academic challenges, maybe even a few run-ins with the law—but transcended it all to live happily and gratefully? Click the pic for…

Deborah's 3/18/16 blog, "Fate, Free Will or Self-Fate: That is the Question." In the previous Energy Leadership™ blog post, we learned that self-mastery is about knowing who you are at your core and expressing that in all you say and do. When your thoughts and beliefs resonate at a constructive energetic frequency, you attract just what you need when you need it with little or no effort. So what holds us back from living the lives we desire...TO READ MORE, CLICK THE PIC

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Say Goodbye to Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Deborah's 2/28/2012 blog "Say Goodbye to Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda." Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “If only I could have done that differently?" This second guessing is a form of self-imposed stress. It happens when our self talk is full of should, could or would. “If I were good sister, I would have called my sister last night. If I were a good Mom, I would have studied with my daughter today. If I were a good spouse"...Click the pic for more.

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Living and Loving from Gratitude

Deborah's 2/5/16 blog,"Living and Loving From Gratitude.“Jennifer has recently been through a painful divorce and she’s not sleeping well. She’s having difficulties with her children, who blame her for the divorce. Her work life is rocky as well and sometimes she’s unsure if she’s in the right career. What she thinks: Yes, life is rough right now, but every life has difficult times. Really, I am so grateful to be alive, for my children, for my home, my good health...TO READ MORE, CLICK THE…

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Fostering Flow: Part 1 of 3

Tools for Fostering Flow - Flow is anchored in fueling my core energy with Love, Respect, Curiosity, Compassion and Gratitude. For myself, every being, every encounter, every experience. When I live that way, even for just a moment, Flow is my word for the effort-less, stress-less, joy-filled result. My life becomes a fluid Journey to Wholeness grounded in Who I am Being NOT What I am Doing. Learn practical tools for fostering flow starting with this first of 3 blogs on the subject.