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Stanza 3 | Huginn's Heathen Hof Give fire to the traveler, who comes in from the cold. Give fresh food and clothes to the weary man who has come down from the mountains. -Hávamál: Stanza 3

Tjelvar’s Grave on Gotland Island, Sweden: A stone ship, like this one, was an early burial custom primarily in Scandanavia. Most are dated 1000 - 500 BCE. This particular grave is dated at ca 750 BC. According to legend, Tjelvar was the mythical discoverer of Gotland.

Original- Vesall maðr ok illa skapi hlær at hvívetna hitki hann veit er hann vita þyrpti at hann era vamma vanr Translation- Only a foolish man mocks everyone while failing to see the faults in himself -Hávamál: Stanza 22

Tyr the one-handed Viking god, with inscription in Runes wood plaque

Lines from the Havamal in the Poetic Edda, translate as: "The lame man rides a horse, the handless may drive herds... Better blind than to burn on the pyre!" This piece serves as a potent reminder of life's great gift: the power to be and do and act in the world while we yet live, to live fully and boldly, and by our actions make a difference. This same attitude keeps the ravening wolves of chaos firmly bound. Hail brave Tyr, who nobly sacrificed for the good of all!

Kvitrafn - Norwegian mystic, front figure of Wardruna, who made soundtracks for the TV-series The Vikings.

From The Hávamál, the Sayings of The High One(Wotan): Mildir frœknir menn bazt lifa sjaldan sút ala en ósnjallr maðr uggir hotvetna sýtir æ gløggr við gjöfum Generous, valiant men live best, and seldom nourish sorrow; but the cowardly man fears all sorts of things and the niggard is always troubled about gifts.

Although Christian annalists normally portray the Vikings as uncivilized and unprincipled men, the evidence of their achievements proves their sophistication, and the record of their violent activities shows them hardly rougher than their contemporaries.