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Lima, Peru.

Lima -- I remember seeing all of the partially finished houses, with crow-bar sticking up everywhere. It was so ALIVE. I was told they would use their money for braces for the kids or whatever, then continue to build the house when they could... these homes look a bit "nicer" than what I remember...

ABC Weekend Specials - when they were over, you knew your saturday morning cartoons were officially over...and then you watched Soul Train or you watched nothing!!! Lol

#Repost @sarahlostbutfound with @repostapp Readers gonna read read read . Happy Saturday! Guess who is cleaning the house and doing laundry? !?! What? You thought that my life was glamorous? !?? Nope. I don't have house-elves anymore (damn that Hermione !!!) and Cinder is currently repairing my little helper - droid . At least I get to look at these shelves while forcing my BB8 to do the vacuuming . Let's un-glamourize #bookstagram today!!! I begin: My cat Bonnie proudly brought me a mouse…

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