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"We were really happy here"- ValentinaPrypyat. TODAY!!!Artist talk on my book Prypyat mon Amour dedicated to people evacuated from the now ghost-town after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster 30 years ago in @kanya_berlin at Chorinerstr 81 Berlin-Mitte. The talk starts at 17.00. Gallery opening hours 13.00-20.00

Do you have a big project you’re having trouble completing? Are you feeling a lack of motivation when it comes to something you really want to be working on? In today’s podcast, we evaluate why you’re stuck, what to do in order to get past it, and how to identify the optimal time to act in the future to prevent loss of motivation from happening. Listen now:

Photo (Britta Nickel)

Desperta teus sentidos para que não percas tudo de belo e formoso que te cerca. Apaga o cinza de tua vida e acende as CORES que carregas dentro de ti. Pablo Picasso