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It's true. Either you're for women being able to think and act as they wish or you're not. It's that simple. I don't like the "as long as you're on our side" mentality.

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. No way to get around it. By the time most women can even find out if they are pregnant, the heart has already begun to beat.

medically trained professionals who KILL people. Which is sad and disgusting especially considering the took the Hippocratic Oath.

Edward Snowden. Hope he stays safe because to many are dying of "heart attacks, car accidents and other way also. " Hmmmm.??

The argument against being politically correct is really just a long-winded way of saying "I'm a waste of space that couldn't care less about the feelings/experiences of others and how my words may potentially cause them pain."

All points to the obvious. He was no patriot of this Nation -- American, but maybe more Nation of Islam? if anything... Probably. what else is new?

The Soros files – He Really is Dr Evil -