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Explore Weeks We'Ll, Explorer and more!

For the next two weeks we'll be driving around in luxury. #internationaltxtrip #fordtx #explorer

you just come with too much baggage and i drive a really really small car. Sorry. We'll always have those special meltdowns we shared together....

from WIRED

Morgan’s Newest Car Travels Back to the Future

The car gets its official unveiling next week at the Geneva auto show. Sticker price is 25,000 pounds, or about $40,000. Yeah, we know. Crazy. Still, go ahead and laugh. Roll your eyes. Scoff, even. But you know you want to drive it. If you don’t, well, fine. We’ll take your spot in line.

Each week, we will review a different CB radio. Some will be old, others will be brand, spankin' new. In any case, we'll also tell you where to...

from CanDo Kiddo

Rock 'n Play™ Risks: Making Well-Informed Baby Gear Decisions

Flat Heads, Reflux, Torticollis - what you need to know to make informed use of baby gear in moderation for a healthy baby. CanDo Kiddo

[100% Free Udemy Course] Udemy Course Marketing Course Description I already know what you want. You want more students reviews and sales! After all that's all it takes to become a successful Udemy instructor. Students reviews and sales. So why then do some people want to make Udemy course marketing seem so complicated? Note two things regarding my initial statement. First: Students >>> Reviews >>> Sales >>> Students ... This is a more accurate depiction of the relationship between…

Movie News After Dark: More ‘Chronicle’ Found Footage, Oodles of Marvel Stuff, ‘Casablanca,’ ‘Millennium’ - What is Movie News After Dark? This week, it is like the idiotic parents’ suburban Pasadena home in Project X. We are having the Movie News After Dark House Party of the century. We’re doing our best to remain somewhat respectable and deliver some entertainment news you may have missed this week, but at some point we all know we’ll put a dwarf in the oven.