Necklace made of silver, stone, mineral.  Turkmen; Tajik; Iran
A great necklace, made of silver and coral, from Yemen. Formerly owned by Linda Pastorino. ( Joost Daalder
Pashtun necklace Afghan Images Social Net Work: سی افغانستان: شبکه اجتماعی تصویر افغانستان
Faouzi – Designer of Marrakech. By Sarah Corbett
Oman | Necklace from Nazwa
India ~ Rajasthan | Women's necklaces in silver-gilt, glass and other materials | In Private Collection. Image © De Agostini / A. Dagli Orti
From the studio of Faouzi In Marrakech. Necklace with a rare pendant from he rich saffron growing regions of South west Morocco and a plethora of pendants suspended on exquisite branch coral. 1400£.
Full length of Uighur braid ornament, silver inlaid with turquoise , coral, black pearl, strung on glass beads, with silk tassels. Fine granulation. .Xinjiang Province  (private collection Linda Pastorino)
One of my favorite pr of earrings made from braid ornaments from Khiva. Gilt silver , turquoise with coral, and hair. (Designed by Linda Pastorino private collection )
Ornament of silver with inlaid carnelian see through two sided window style, coral and coins. 19th c Khirghiz   (collection Linda Pastorino)