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Answering Nate Silver’s 20 Questions On Killing The Senate Bill | FDL Action


Who gets left out of Obamacare?

Does spanking control a child's bad behavior? MD blog with research on spanking... this read surprised me.

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Americans Still Don't Understand Obamacare: Polls

Health Care Polls Find Obamacare Unpopular On Eve Of Rollout

▶ Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? - YouTube

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Are new doctors driving up health care expenses?

Doctors can be fat-shamers too A troubling Washington Post essay reminds us medicine is not a moralizing stick with which to beat our patients.


Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016 - The New York Times

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9 Valid Concerns We Can All Have About Obamacare, Without Thinking It Will Literally Bring Hell On Earth

1912 Former President Theodore Roosevelt champions national health insurance as he unsuccessfully tries to ride his progressive Bull Moose Party back to the White House. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

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Will Jonathan Gruber Topple Obamacare?

Why the hell did Jonathan Gruber say that? And that? And that? And (sigh) the other thing? Those are the questions on the minds of virtually everyone in the health care world—especially the people who worked the hardest on Obamacare. Ever since the videos started popping up, one after another, America has come to know Gruber—the MIT economist...

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Can Oregon save American health care?

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has a plan to save Medicaid. (Robbie McClaran)