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Brazil also has a national drink: CAIPIRINHA - It is made with lime, sugar, crushed ice, and cachaça. Just like rum, cachaça is made from sugar cane, but it has a stronger flavor and aroma. It is because its distillation process retains more impurities. Caipirinha is perfect to accompany feijoada – a bean stew that is considered Brazil’s national dish, churrasco – Brazilian barbeque- as well as being served on so many other occasions,... There are many variations of this drink as follows:

Caipirinha Punch

Whether you're already a fan of Brazilian food or have never tasted the amazingness that is pão de queijo or a good shrimp moqueca, there's a big chance the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are getting you in the mood for some food from the South American

Watermelon Caipisake Shots (Caipisakê de Melancia)

Watermelon Caipisake Shots -- A refreshing Brazilian-Japanese CAIPIRINHA variation...

Learn How To Make The Perfect Caipirinha

Get creative with your cocktails

Get creative with your cocktails - Many cocktail recipes call for simple syrup, an easy to prepare combination of sugar and water. Add your own personal flair to beverages – alcoholic and virgin alike – with flavored simple syrups.