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Read #3 from the story Imágenes Ereri/ Riren by myfernajerosa (✨LaLocaDelYaoi✨) with 289 reads. riren, yaoi, erenxle...

Imágenes Ereri/ Riren - #6 gifs🌸

Подождите, идет загрузка страницы

Подождите, идет загрузка страницы

Levi, Eren, yaoi, EreRi, RiRen, sad, crying, text, comic, arm, blood, hugging; Attack on Titan

Attack on titan levi and eren. I love this so much because people think Levi is some stone cold hearted b**ch but really just because he doesn't show his emotion he is hurting more than any of the characters and cares way more than you think.


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Attack on Titan - July 10 2016 Great series.  Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Jeager

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