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they said i have no soul - so i ate their hearts

Funny pictures about They called me soulless. Oh, and cool pics about They called me soulless. Also, They called me soulless.

Jesus Fucking Christ that's terrifying.

I'm not one for memes but this kid's face is cracking me up. Can't stop laughing.

would make a great halloween costume...it just looks funny!!!

can't stop laughing lmao.I'm positive their is a pic of my brother Zeb doing this same exact thing as a kid but with green sweat pants! Hahaha I'm dying and gonna find that pic for black mail!

Jajajajajajajajajaja jajajajaja

Please fix my photo…

Guy asks internet to fix his photo Photoshop done wrong on purpose! -- Tears once I got to the photo.

When a man is in charge… This is happening next year when we do bag corn.

popcorn seeds, butter sponges, and snowman poop. can we take a moment for him.

This flavor tastes like YOUR SOUL!!!!

27 reasons why kids are the worst - I love kids for all of these things! I LITERALLY cried from laughter reading this! This is hilarious! I kept waiting for it to say "BUT we love them anyway" but it never came. Still worth laughing at!

RED HAIR MAJESTIC UNICORN @Pamela Culligan Spiller  I want this for Christmas!!!!

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Supermarket: Red Hair Majestic Unicorn from Glamfoxx Shirts << Heck to the yes.

Heard this the other day and laughed like an idiot

Myth: gingers don't have souls. Fact: gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal. My ginger has no freckles