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The sun has been in hiding for the last 10 days so my @electricobjects will have to stand-in // #clouds #diecloudsdie #needvitamind #sunflowers #fakesun #fakeittillyoumakeit by shootbydaylight

Christmas gift list spread for bullet journal See this Instagram photo by @showmeyourplanner • 408 likes Christmas bullet journal, gift planner, bullet journal gifts

Someone submitted this story to a Instagram account I follow. I don't want to debate. I don't want to argue. Just read. Read and think about what some people will have to face in the next four years.

"Over the last few months me and my family have been working on designing a sweater and hoodie for you all. So today we are officially launching the "be your own hero" sweaters and hoodies, a percentage of all the proceeds will go to Circle F horse rescue@circle_f_horse_rescue_society . Go check it out at" - Jared via Instagram.

When else do you think the cast would have a chance to voice their concerns directly to one of the heads of power, to a man who could carry their voice to the white house? They spoke for more than themselves. It was very appropriate if you ask me and Trump's "hurt feelings" response proved that our voices will not be easily heard or tolerated.

Abc ... 123 ... 🎈 So happy to add the super miniature version of my favorite alphabet and number stamps to my collection. I have this set in various sizes because of their versatility for just about anything plus they stay organized in the case. I've stamped them in my passport monthly, but can you spot where I've also stamped them on the handmade envelope I made? 🔍 ✨ Available now in studio at Baum-Kuchen + thrilled to share them with you online very soon /. (Will be available in three…

YOGA SEQUENCE FOR STRONG ARMS This sequence is all about holding, most yoga poses require a lot of holding on so why not strengthen by holding the foundation? - 1. DOWNWARD FACING DOG 5mins Man will you feel this in the shoulders but get up close & personal with your foundation & all harder poses will feel easier - 2. HIGH PLANK 2mins This will force you to not let the hips drop & really lift through the core, great for those who have very bendy spines & struggle with arm balances…