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The Story of The Ressurection Done With Easter Candy

Print an Easter Story Wreath for your kids to make!

Jelly bean story for inside of tag

from Women Living Well

The Jesus Story Easter Eggs - Fun for Kids

Ressurection Eggs directions

Resurrection Cookies A recipe for sharing the story of Easter.

Ressurection Rolls - crescent rolls, marshmallows, butter, sugar - Make as you read the Easter story in John 19, Matthew 27:57-60, 28:5-8

Preparing Our Girls for #Easter: a great post with lots of ideas on how to teach toddlers all about Ressurection Sunday and the events that led up to it. From Sisters Raising Sisters.

Jesus Died for His Peeps - the animated story of Easter A short and colorful stop-motion animation conveying the story of Jesus from birth, through some of his various miracles (healing the lame, feeding the multitude, and walking on water), and ultimately, to his death and resurrection using various candies and Easter themed goods.