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In the black zodíac the sign of Cancer is a clown manipulating a voodoo doll. Cancerians are sentimental and cheerful. They can smile, cry, attack, jump, love, and freak -- all in less than 24 hours. Super sensitive zodiac sign is what the white man says, but for the black zodiac that is all a mask. They are cowards and afraid of almost everything from a cricket to the Easter Bunny. They are great double agents, antique sellers, realtors, and invalids. They have a small shell with a…

Sagittarius - In black zodiac Sagittarius is represented by a Pumpkin Head, he is standing on a knife, which is his concept of reality, and tries to get a skull representing his notion of fantasy. His philosophy of life is: He who laughs last laughs best / favorite Attitude: Open your mouth before using the brain / Favorite Book: The philosopher instantaneous / dream job: Senator responsible for obstructing the legislative / Phrase predominant: I did that? "

Leo - In the black zodiac sign of Leo is represented by a bruised and helpless kitten holding a lion mask. And Leos are exactly like that, scream, dramatize, but they are a wounded kitten wanting a lap and stage. His philosophy of life is: All work and lots of fun / Attitude favorite: Give orders / Favorite Book: Bully for beginners / dream job: Chief of chiefs / Phrase predominant: You deserved it!"

Gemini - Their duality can show in many ways. Gemini Rising can appear differently to different people, both physically and intellectually. They also have a habit of saying what they think others want to hear. When they admire someone, they tend to mimic that person's personality traits or physical appearance.

Zodiac Art Print, Cancer // Archival Giclee Art Print for Nursery / Child's Room // N-Z04-1PS AA1

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