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Emerald Fennell (October 1, 1962) British actress, o.a. known from the series of Call the midwife.

One off hand-drawn portrait of Emerald Fennell and by AvalonPrand

Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of Our Changing Times by James Fennell

Theo Fennell Cleopatra brooch The Cleopatra-inspired piece, designed in an homage to the great Queen, is hand-crafted and comprises emeralds, rubies and diamonds with the Queen’s skull portrait carved in moonstone and her hair in black spinel. The Scarab is carved from tektite, which is believed to be created from meteorites that broke up in the atmosphere resulting in the molten glass. The ancient Egyptians called the stones “the tears of the gods” and only the Pharaoh was allowed to wear…

London jeweller Theo Fennel interprets a portrait of Shaka Zulu. "Eight craftsmen a piece worked on each brooch, carving mammoth bone and moonstone, setting emeralds, rubies and diamonds and engraving golden costumes."