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"Each person has their own scale of what makes them happiest or saddest. Don't compare these. It's because everyone has based their scale on their own experiences and every person has had a unique life journey. Support the people around you through their worst days and celebrate with them during their best." - thank you! I agree with this completely.

Goodness! This is such a great reminder, especially on those tough days... <3 each and every one of my kiddos!!!

He has a purpose for the pain, the difficult times we face that we may not see. Allow God to change you, prepare you, use you, and remember His love will never fail you.

3 Ways to Release Emotional Trauma and Feel Better Quick

Part of rewilding is learning how to let our emotions flow like a river. It is like a taking our dams to restore our wild rivers. "3 Ways to Release Emotional Trauma and Feel Better Quick"