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Robin LaFevers -- Pre-writing: It's All About The Character

Why Your Character's Goal Needs to 1 of These 5 Things

The Change Arc is all about the Lie Your Character Believes. His life may be horrible, or his life may seem pretty great. But, festering under the surface, is the Lie.

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30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors

Stephen King

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Billings, MT


Board Title: GRAMMAR RESOURCES ~ Most Popular Pin on Board (shown) Link: ***This board contains "All Things Grammar" including writing conventions highlighted by CCSS. To get teaching tips and lessons sent to you once a month, click

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An Illustrated Guide To Writing People Of Color

Buzzfeed: MariNaomi: Midnight Breakfast: An Illustrated Guide To Writing People Of Color: This is actually really good advice. It's way easier to add diversity with fantasy without stereotypes (at least it should be. Fantasy still manages to have the WORST stereotypes, in a lot of situations) but this should apply to any writer. People are people. It's really not that difficult.

I was a tutor last semester, and this was on my desk one morning... - Imgur