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Laramie Range at Morton Pass, Wyoming. Paleoproterozoic (ca. 2 bya) mafic dikes (dark) cross-cut an older Archean (ca. 2.7+ bya) granitic/gneissic complex (light). ...

At a height of 5,670m, Mt Damavand is a volcano which somewhat anomolously sits within the fold and thrust belt of the Alborz Range, north of Tehran, Iran. It is a large intraplate composite cone representing an accumulation of more than 400 km3 of trachyandesite lavas and pyroclastic material. For more see: http://www.tectonics.caltech.edu/meetings/brownbag/material/jamshid/i0016-7606-116-1-16.pdf

Petoskey stones ~ fossilized coral that lived 350 million years ago - the rocks rounded in the surf along the shore of Lake Michigan near Petosky, Michigan

Brian Romans ‏@clasticdetritus on Twitter kick-ass Eocene slump deposit seen in beach-cliff outcrop today

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