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“Throwback to that time I was on the front page of Reddit! It feels like so long ago since I started practicing typography. By the way my etsy store is…”

Vintage Typography and Illustration study, 2013. Any experienced folks have advice for what to focus on in this early stage of my career? When I was in college I could afford to spend incredible amounts of time studying and working on a piece. I am struggling to figure out how to balance the art making with the business side of things. Ideally I would spend 4 to 8 hours a day practicing drawing, so how do I set up the business and finances in order to make this possible.

I've decided to start sketching again and practicing my lettering daily. I guess we will see what happens. #handlettering #typography #sketchbook

Christmas goodies are on their way! ☃ My Etsy shop will be open soon! Be on the lookout for where you can get this print and other awesome knick knacks and doodads.✒️ #illustration #steampunk #art

“I’m at a crossroads. I can’t decide whether I want to focus on illustration or on hand-lettering. I hold both very close to my heart. Idk. What do you…”

Brandon Mikel Paul 22. Columbia, SC ✒️ Handlettering Illustration ☕️ Available for Hire