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A Sneak Peak ~ at one of our most POWERFUL ads yet! #YUPO #DoitonYUPO #print #package #label #design #marketing #graphicartist #publishing #eyes #powerful

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How to Make Scented Vinegar for Cleaning-

How to Make Scented Vinegar for Cleaning- This DIY cleaner made with citrus peels and herbs is easy to make and non-toxic. It cuts through grease with ease. Combines the cleaning power of vinegar and citus oil. If you love using vinegar for green cleaning but want to make it smell better, try this! All-natural, non-toxic cleaning. No essential oils.

(Image: All things Orange Photography Inspiration)

catching some sun. If anyone knows the name of the photographer let me know. I would love to give them credit.

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’ Exposure: Sun - Part/sun Zones: All - Annual Water: Average; Deer Resistant; **Grows to 2’ tall & wide & prefers a sunny locale. Pair with Asperula orientalis “Sweet Blue Woodruff” or plant in front of Pycnostachys urticifolia for a sassy contrast or with the purples of Caryopteris incana for a lovely complimentary planting to carry you through till Winter

"Orange" you glad it's summer? What an adorable gift idea for kids on their last day of school!! Fill a gift bag with all sorts of fun orange items. Visit our blog to find out some great 'orange' ideas ;) By

To a Pagan every person is a wondrous, sacred, creation. Every plant, rock, tree, everything seen and unseen, is unique and beautiful. The purpose of life as seen through a Pagan's eyes might be best described as: to live in harmony with nature, to develop our personal and spiritual potential, to be aware of and to manifest the inherent divinity within us all, and finally to help all people to do the same. ~Unknown

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I love how this flows and feels like its full of an abundance of energy. Would make a great book cover. #BalboaPress and #IgniteCreativity

Citrine, one of the two minerals on the planet which does not hold or accumulate negative energy but rather dissipates and transmutes it. Hence, it never needs clearing or cleansing.