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"Water, Water Everywhere!" is Episode 2 in the six-part series "Tides of Change", exploring amazing NASA ocean science to celebrate Earth Science Week 2009. To find out more visit Want more? Subscribe to NASA on iTunes! Or get tweete...

Earth Cycles Interactive Notebook - Earth Science

My students really enjoyed creating these flaps for the different earth cycles! Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water cycle, and more in an earth science interactive notebook :)

Weather and Climate: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

The Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Weather and Climate chapter will never leave students feeling “cloudy” about their lessons. Each chapter in the series will showcase many activities for the students to process the information given by the teacher then allow them to use self-direction to apply their new knowledge. The engaging activities always vary to enable all students to use and benefit from different learning styles.

What Is The Water Cycle? Science Experiment For Kids

Forces That Shape the Earth: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Forces That Shape The Earth, Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Plate Tectonics includes the following concepts: • Forces that Shape Earth • Earthquakes • Volcanoes • Volcanic Landforms

Earth’s core is much hotter than previously thought – hotter than the surface of the Sun. Article published April 25, 2013