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I'm always the odd ball in a crowd of followers and I've learned to be okay with it because I'm comfortable thinking for myself. My brain works just fine! #thinkforyourself #oddball #dontblendin #standout #nofear #mymind by pcoscurves

A Box of Matches by Nicholson Baker. The way he sees things & wonders about them is exactly as i do. It's a true comfort knowing there's someone else out there just sitting & thinking about oddball minutia like where's the best place on an apple to take the 1st bite & then thinks for 10 mins on the way that bite sounds. Thrilled when I realized he was The Fermata author (read 15 yrs ago & never forgot it). Completed 9/2013 & already rereading. I wish I could write like Baker!

from My Modern Met

Humorous Charts and Graphs Show What Being an Introvert Is All About

BuzzFeed Life's assistant health editor Anna Borges created a series of graphs any introvert can relate to. There are pie charts depicting how truly wonderful it is to have a vivid inner world, unwavering sense of self, and top-notch listening skills. Through her bar graphs, Borges conveys some of the stereotypes introverts face, along with the real-life dilemmas many encounter on a daily basis. And, through her line graphs, which are downright hilarious (and accurate), she adds a healthy…