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She had a smart ass mouth, but she's as honest as they come. She's sarcastic, but she's got a heart of gold. She's stubborn, but she's loyal as fuck. She's a little-bi-polar, so sometimes you just gotta laugh and let her have her way. #Quotes

Thank you. And if you're so offended by the f-word, and you're one of those people who secretly send "vulgar" pins to your friends so that people on Facebook or Pinterest won't see what you're laughing at, because it might ruin your image, you need to get over yourself. I'm REAL, probably one of the most real people you'll meet, and I'm not apologizing for it. No time for fake people who have an image to maintain. Tell the truth if you want my respect,

You Are Not Everyone's Cup of Tea... and That's OK I recently came across the following passage online via a meme, and it immediately blew me away. The words stuck a chord and I immediately started to think about how we all waste time to this...   The world is filled with people who, no…

The older I get....

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A Beautiful Place - 11x17" Poster Print


Out Of Suffering- | Kahlil Gibran Quote | Inspirational Quotes | Vintage Lion Art Illustration | Brown | -Erica Massaro, EDMPoetryPhotography on Etsy.