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Amber Bowl with White Ridges. Amber Bowl with White Ridges Roman, A.D. 1–100 Glass 4 1/16 in. diam. Getty 2003.475

The Portland Vase (late 1st century B.C.-early 1st century A.D.) Glass, Roman, The British Museum

A ROMAN BLUE MOULD-BLOWN GLASS FLASK CIRCA 1ST CENTURY A.D. The octagonal body with central concentric rings on each side, the neck with everted rim and applied pale green twin handles, with flattened rectangular base 3 1/8 in. (8 cm.) high

Glass rectangular bottle Period: Mid Imperial, 2nd–3rd century A.D. - Culture: Roman - Glass; mold-blown

A ROMAN GLASS FUNNEL CIRCA 1ST-2ND CENTURY A.D. Translucent pale green in color, free-blown, the rounded walls with outward flaring rim, the long cylindrical tube tapering 4½ in. (11.4 cm.) high