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According to a report, a vision board-styled social photo sharing service website Pinterest that gained great recognition, in January and February, is now surprisingly losing its users this month

Amazon launched a new cloud storage service today for the small-scale business people. He named his service as Amazon Glacier, which is very reasonable, secure, durable and flexible storage solution for backing up data.

Developing a mobile app can be an excellent way to increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, profitability and market share.

After the PR disasters surrounding SOPA and PIPA, most people don’t think of politicians as being particularly technologically aware, but if there’s one place where technology will be used to the full, it’s the US presidential election.

On Tuesday the Mountain View tech giant have introduced a new product which is named-Google+ “Share” button beyond the losing amid the hysteria over a new drive cloud-storage service of Google.

In today’s era of advanced technology, nothing is impossible. The concept of remote desktop has become a reality, where one can easily access practically anything including applications and software on another terminal via internet or other network.

Law firms across the nation are now using iPads on a daily basis to make their jobs easier. Our society is becoming increasingly more mobile. Some people can even do most of their business right from a smartphone.