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Rencontre avec NICO et Andy WARHOL à New-York dans l'atelier underground de ce dernier, la Factory. Le maître du Pop Art se livre à une expérience de cinéma expérimental en filmant NICO qui répète inlassablement la même phrase en se servant de divers objets en guise de téléphone (brique de jus d'orange, pot de moutarde, boîte de conserve...). Brève interview d'Andy WARHOL et de son égérie.

Andy warhol's factory | In " have you met " " Photo Du Jour " on January 23, 2013 at 6:45 pm

Warhol's cats, cats, cats! Andy Warhol It's another crazy Spring day here in Sydney. From 30+ during the week to blustery windy and chilly! Ah Spring! I think there's a Chinese expression which says something along the lines of "Spring is like a child's face". I think it means it's pretty changeable! Meanwhile, I have spied an enormous Andy Warhol book in my favourite bookshop which chronicles practically everything he did throughout his career. I'm particularly drawn to his early…

Andy Warhol I like the way this looks. Exciting layout. Good example to base other artist posters/handouts

Nico and apparently some other people, couldn't see past her cheekbones. Pre mainstream highlighting and contouring days, let us marvel.

Andy Warhol illustration of cats, from Warhol's early days as a commercial illustrator.

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Andy Warhol in 1972, from the book Andy Warhol, Polaroids 1958-1987

Andy Warhol eating a hamburger, The scene is part of a film done by Jorgen Leth called 66 scenes from america