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Life As It Really Is! Inspirational #screen savers at Thank you for viewing ♡

The trouble is we think that what we go through is permanent. The mind plays tricks, but the truth is nothing is ever permanent, it just seems like they are at the time. #quotes

His hand on her back brought no comfort as everything crumble in front of her. Tears rolled down her face, and she trembled in the face of destruction. There was nothing left for her here. She had made her decision, and there was no turning back. Unable to accept it, she covered her eyes in fear of what was going to happen next. Was there there even a place for her now? Jumping slightly, she heard a voice softly speak to her, "Uncover your eyes. This is where everything starts anew, Child."

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13 Steps To Get You Through The Heatwave

Open rp be Jason & other guy)) The explosion made his body fly and slam down onto the concrete knocking him unconscious, all while the rain just continues to pour down. "Jason!" I scream when he makes contact with the ground. "Get up!" My voice cracks; it's vermin hands wrap around my waist and starts pulling my away from him. "No, let me go," I scratch and scratch but it doesn't let me go. "Say goodbye Nicole, no one left to save you," it's raspy voice spoke into my ear.

That or scooby is slowing himself to run beside shaggy so that his friend won't have to be alone even if he knows it may cost him his life. But you know it's nothing.