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Nothing But Charlie

Charlie Daniels & Luke Bryan Have Fiery Battle To 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'

Charlie Daniels celebrated his 80th birthday but made sure his fans knew age was nothing to keep him off stage. With the help of Luke Bryan, the men...

This amazing cushion by Alysha Dawn forms part of our collection of quirky illustrated homeware. Our cushions are Vegan (yes we know that you have no plans to eat them, but we just wanted to assure you that they contain nothing harmful to animals) and are made from super soft faux suede with a fibre insert. It also has a stone coloured back cover, and a zip fastening. The cushion measures 43cm x 43cm and contains a 50cm x 50cm insert to keep it plump. It's machine washable at 30°c, and…

Cathedral Rock (Sedona, Arizona) by Charlie Stinchcomb

"Nothing’s safe. I like that. But, that isn’t what I’m asking, Charlie. Your spark. It’s one in a million. Believe me that when you got it you invent guns and iPads and viruses and, holy crap, you can be crafty. What is that, Charlie? Cuz I can feed every fact in your brain into someone else, they still wouldn’t be able to beat y o u." r.i.p charlie bradbury, a true woman of letters #spn

what ALL of us 1970-80's want to be, to our ......but....knowing, that we surely...come up short....oh, well....nothing like knowing...."YOU DROPPED THE BOMB ON ME, BABY!! YOU DROPPED THE BOMB ON ME...".,

Life As It Really Is! Inspirational #screen savers at Thank you for viewing ♡

The trouble is we think that what we go through is permanent. The mind plays tricks, but the truth is nothing is ever permanent, it just seems like they are at the time. #quotes

Hello, Sweetie

"Very, very interestingly, Steven has told Alex Kingston, who plays River, everything. Everything, about the whole story, about the whole arc, about where it’s all going, because her character is meant to know because she’s from the Doctor’s future. But told me nothing. So Alex knows. Which is infuriating." -Matt Smith. That's amazing