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Nothing like eating red seaweed on a cool October morning while watching the sun rise in the east. Maybe we should top it off with a lethal dose of LSD and some alcohol and we should set for a trip to wonderland

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MicroRNAs track radiation doses

MOLECULAR GEIGER COUNTER  The abundance of small pieces of genetic material called microRNAs falls or rises in the blood of mice after radiation exposure. A lethal dose of 8 grays of radiation (red dots) produces a different pattern than a serious but survivable dose of 6.5 grays (black triangles). ~~ S.S. Acharya et al/Science Translational Medicine 2015

Gut reaction: Mice survive lethal doses of chemotherapy

The discovery of Robo1 protein in the intestinal stem cells (depicted in yellow) leads to tolerance of higher doses of chemoradiation in mice. Image courtesy Dr. Wei-Jie Zhou.