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funny joseph morgan

Hahaha this is amazing!! Team Hybrid! Klaus is one of the best! #TVD characters :)

14 Jokes Only True Vampire Diaries Fans Will Understand

Klaus Mikaelson | The VD

I love the last one <--- UH, NO. THE LAST ONE SHOULD HAVE CAROLINE POINTING TO KLAUS FROM ALL THREE ARROWS. Klaroline for life <333333333333333

Survivor ~(Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)~ - Chapter 7 - Escape the Room

haha Klaus stabbing all your family members! Klaus(to Stefan)- I want my family to be reunited, Stefan- I is that what you call the people in the coffins! Ahaha I love him!

joseph morgan, The Originals, and tvd image

The link between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals | I totally freaked at that moment :D

Klaus Mikaelson, The vampire diaries/The originals

Anybody but Damon! An if you are going to kill somebody, let it be anybody in the way of Delena! (Stefan better watch out!)