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kudos! The president photographer did I a good job on this photo.

I truly applaud the cast of Hamilton. They said what needed to be said in such a way that could never be interpreted as disrespectful. This is what the orange fascist calls «harassing» VP Pence. This exemplifies how he and his right-winger accomplices spin facts and truth. Really reminds me of Nazi propaganda. ©Four Years of Fight

Barack Obama and Joe Biden still have that meme magic

Liberals’ Reaction to OSU Attack Proves Why Trump Was Elected [Cartoon].. Will they ever learn?!

Actual words: We’d then have an epidemic of women claiming to have been raped just so they could have an abortion. And that has to be stopped at all cost. and And it gets worse — when you get an abortion, you get several days off of work and whatnot to recover. And there are a lot of crazy people out there. What if women would go out and get raped on purpose just so they could get off work?