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Pumpkin Butter with Dark Chocolate Dip

If y’all like spreading apple butter on your toast or muffins, you’re gonna love this seasonal treat. This pumpkin butter with dark chocolate is so.

All-Natural Pumpkin Butter From Scratch + Many Ways To Use It!

All Natural Pumpkin Butter From Scratch *Pumpkin puree *Apple cider or apple juice *Sucanat *Maple syrup *Cinnamon *Nutmeg *Lemon juice *Vanilla extract

I have an extra can of pumpkin left over from the fall, I'm so making this!!

Pumpkin Butter

15 Best Pumpkin Recipes for Fall - I love this recipe for Pumpkin Butter. My very favorite among these 15 recipes is the clean eating Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Spreading Pumpkin Jam:

It's not fresh pumpkin though, it's canned. I'm sure you can use real pumpkin if you wanted too

EASY Chocolate Roasted Salted Almond Butter @Jessica Maher

Homemade Chocolate Roasted Almond Butter

The DC Ladies, Southern Sister's Food-Homemade Chocolate Roasted Almond Butter

See the "Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing" in our  gallery

Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing

My signature Fall dish:) This is OUTSTANDING. Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing - Martha Stewart Recipes. Brown butter icing has a nutty depth that pairs well with many cake flavors.

Тыквенный Гратен и соусом из сыра Пекорино

Pumpkin and Pecorino Gratin

Puree sugar pumpkin to enjoy in this tasty baked gratin. Sugar-pumpkin puree is seasoned simply with salt and pepper, then baked under a crown of crunchy breadcrumbs and Romano cheese. This is a fine side dish with roast chicken or pork.

When you ditch bread, pasta, rice, refined cereals, sugary foods, preservatives and additives... everything changes. Remember, those so-called foods were NOT part of our diets thousands of years ago and not coincidentally, there were no incidents of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other conditions

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

Use white chocolate - Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. Simple, easy to make sweet treats that offer a good dose of healthy fats and a perfect flavor combination of coconut and dark chocolate.