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The Kalash live on the fringes of northern Pakistan, the only ones in the region not following Islam. Their genetic make-up is so pure and distinct, that they are unlike other human races, thanks to their evolving DNA and rare alleles.  Few look as  Caucasian as this girl, but their gene pool creates great variation.

Kalash girl, North Pakistan - Large and striking eyes. They make me feel as if she has an old soul.

Monachopsis is me hardcore.same but a lot of these words are so hard to say and explain

23 Emotions People Feel But Can't Explain - The Best Funny Pictures<<<I never knew that these emotions even had names!

Persuasive Writing – Emotional vs Intellectual Words – Writers Write is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people …

Amazing Contrast of Intellectual vs Emotional Words. Use of emotional words in persuasive writing, and use of intellectual terms in business.

This is so true for me.l love people. I'm also very naive. I get hurt a lot, but I wouldn't change that part of me for anything...<3

Victoria Erickson, writer I want to write a book about all the characters I've ever known in life. I'd change names to protect them.

si haces las preguntas correctas descubriras cuan fascinante realmente pueden ser las personas...

if you ask the right questions you'll discover how truly fascinating people are - Inspiration // Quotes

Yes! But, I'm actually interested in the killings too. o.O Just a little. haha

Read Serial Killers from the story In Honor of Creepypasta by with 369 reads. Serial killers just fascinate me.

What are the hardest languages to learn? Some languages would require more than a year of study for a native English speaker, while others would take just weeks. Regardless of what language you study, your brain will reap the benefits.

What are the hardest languages to learn?

What Are The Hardest Languages to Learn? The easiest and most difficult languages to learn for English Speakers

The 100 most beautiful words in English

The 100 most beautiful words in English

100 most beautiful English words. Should be called 100 most beautiful french and italian words that english speakers pronounce differently.


This Word Association Test Will Determine Your Disney Personality Type